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This is the app if you're serious about improving your game of darts. DartPro helps to keep track of your scores in various practice routines. Every time you practice, you'll want to do better than yesterday, or last week, so you're trying harder. In a way, you're throwing against yourself. Charts and Statistics help you analyze your game. Various practice routines help you become a better darter in every aspect of the game.
Play online against friends on Google+ or find players on +DartPro: your achievements amongst friends.Graph your games.Automatically record and analyze your progress.
Single 501 - with graphs, finish suggestions, statistics and achievementsOnline 501 - play against friends or players on +DartProLocal 501 - play against friends or family and let DartPro do the mathn01 - choose your starting point501 v. Me - Play against yourself through your saved gamesSingle Cricket - practice this essential game on your ownRound The World - classic game to help you practice on your double'sAverage ShootOut - work on your stamina without those nasty doublesBob's 27 - a practice routine by Bob AndersonFinish Calculator - learn the preferred and pressure finishes and find alternatives
After more than 500.000 downloads on windows, DartPro comes to Android!
*Note that DartPro is especially made for steel tip darts